Laughing Girl Designs
Spaceship 100% cotton velvet 26 inches x 35 inchesQuilts

Laughing Girl Design quilts are small, sized approximately 36 inches by 48 inches, also known as 91 cm x 122 cm. I designed the quilts wanting to keep them small, but stylish. They are small enough to cover your little one from end to end but light enough to drag around the house!

Its not only the littlest ones that love quilts. Toddlers and pre-schoolers up to six years of age, love a soft blanket when they nap or read a book. Its even made more enjoyable for them if they love rocket ships, or dinosaurs or the moon!

The Quilt Gallery will show you some of Laughing Girl Designs existing quilts.

If you choose a quilt from Laughing Girl Designs the cost of the quilt includes fancy packaging if you are local or shipping and handling.